This post contains extensive spoilers for the movie. It's free to watch if you have Amazon Prime Video.

This was not a good movie. At some point I turned to Allison and said "It's like they spent all their money getting Chris Pratt, and couldn't afford a writer". Which might not be fair to the writers, I have no idea what the editing process looked like. But at least one person on the internet agreed with me in their review.

Some Thoughts

  1. If you want to throw an action movie on to have going in the background while you hack on some code, or whatever this is a perfect choice.
  2. The real solution was to stop global warming and the aliens never would have woken up.
  3. The first two acts of the movie didn't matter. The only thing they needed at the end was the claw Dorian had before they shipped out. The magic serum they needed to produce was effectively useless.
  4. It's actually really easy to send things to the future, just bury them and wait. (see: tenet)
  5. The negligent amount of effort put into training soldiers to go into the future made zero sense. The number one threat they faced was getting shot by one of their team mates. Apparently in the original script soldiers were injected with something to poison the bad guys who ate them after they died, so they were essentially bait.
  6. The entire future of the planet is at risk, and the best they can do is 50 untrained folks a week? The US Army recruited 68,000 people in 2019, that's 9,700 people per week. The US also has other military branches.
  7. Apparently they put a significant percentage of their resources into capturing a queen and bringing it back to their base... Then left the work up to only two people, who spent half their time building emotional connections.
  8. Chris Pratt didn't need to make it to the helicopter, he only needed to survive.  
  9. There are two key steps in defending any location: establishing a perimiter and monitoring your perimiter. Your first indication that you've got a problem shouldn't be things crawling over your wall. Much like Pacific Rim the good guy's first indication they were in trouble was their wall being breached.

10. Sam Richardson (Charlie) absolutely stole every scene he was in.

Anyways, be thankful it's streaming rather than in theaters.